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Workplace dialogue on training and skills


The Government is working with the TUC and CBI to take forward a commitment to develop best practice concerning workplace dialogue on training and skills. This commitment was made last year in t he DTI report, Success at Work: protecting vulnerable workers, supporting good employers In addition... Read More...

Assessing training providers


Employers, adults and young people in post-16, Government-funded training will soon be able to judge more easily for themselves how colleges and other learning providers are performing. Details of a new system for assessing performance on the basis of effectiveness, responsiveness and finance... Read More...

Thousands of employees to benefit from skills pledge


TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber has welcomed the skills pledge saying: 'The lives of millions of UK employees have already been transformed by workplace learning. As employers start to sign up to the skills pledge, thousands more workers will get the chance to learn valuable new skills at... Read More...

Pictures tell a thousand words but photos are better


It is an old adage that a picture tells a thousand words, but research reported by the British Psychological Society suggests that photographs may be much better than a drawn or painted picture. Gabrielle Simcock and Judy DeLoache conducted their research on toddlers aged either 18, 24 or 30... Read More...

Over training can result in lower performance


Caren Frosch and colleagues have according to a report by the British Psychological Society shown that, in certain circumstances, knowing less can lead to superior performance - a kind of ignorance-based wisdom. Their finding builds on Gerd Gigerenzer's work on "fast and frugal" heuristics,... Read More...

Does music help you work?


The British Psychological Society has reported research that suggests how we use music can depend upon our personality. There are according to research conducted by Tomas Chamarro-Premuzic and Adrian Furnham three ways in which people use music. As a background to other activities, To... Read More...

Can physical activity improve reading ability


The British Psychological Society has reported the findings of a study that shows that physcial activity can improve the reading ability of children at risk of dyslexia. Abeceder asks is the same true of people at work? What use do trainers make of physical activity? The research conducted by... Read More...

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