Thousands of employees to benefit from skills pledge

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Thousands of employees to benefit from skills pledge

TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber has welcomed the skills pledge saying:

'The lives of millions of UK employees have already been transformed by workplace learning. As employers start to sign up to the skills pledge, thousands more workers will get the chance to learn valuable new skills at work.

'Union learning reps are working hard to encourage more people to sign up for training around their jobs. The pledge is the perfect opportunity for the TUC and unionlearn to work with a whole new batch of employers to make big improvements to the UK's skills base.

'But the Government needs to find a way of reaching the third of UK employers who steadfastly refuse to offer their employees any form of learning at work. Ministers need to make good their commitment to introduce a statutory right to training by the end of the decade if these short-sighted bosses continue to short change their staff over training.'

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