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Learning maps aid learning and build learner confidence


The most important step in any journey is the first, but if you are going to start a journey with confidence then it helps to have a map that shows the most effective route, the hazards you may encounter on the way and where you will be able to take a break.   For this reason maps have... Read More...

Half of managers too frightened to sack a poor performing employee


Half of all employers would rather put-up with a poor performing employee than deal with the issue and terminate a contract. Why? They are worried about the employees reaction and the potential costs of legal action.   In a study of 1,000 employers just over half (53%) said that they found... Read More...

Employment Tribunal statistics highlight threats to business


The new 'Employment Tribunals and Employment Appeal Tribunals Statistics 2010-11' published by the Ministry of Justice and the HM Courts & Tribunals Service show that businesses that don't train their managers to engage fully with employees and comply with the latest employment legislation... Read More...

Sexism in writing is still commonplace


Putting male names in front of female names may be normal practice, but it is also according to Dr Peter Hegarty and colleagues of the University of Surrey a remnant of sexist thinking.   The practice of putting male names before women seems to have started in the 16th Century when men... Read More...

McVitie's man is Union Learning Representative of the Year


Jonathan Waterhouse a member of the USDAW trade union has been awarded Union Learning Rep (ULR) of the Year today at a ceremony at TUC Congress in London, for his success in introducing hundreds of his colleagues at McVitie's, Manchester, to learning.   A negative experience of school... Read More...

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