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Recovery will highlight skills gap


The latest Recruitment Confidence Index (RCI) shows that a growing economy is a double edged sword, because as times improve, the number of skilled people required to maintain the growth also grows, and they simply are not available. One out of every two employers is expecting difficulties... Read More...

Talent Management starts at the top


Researchers from Conference Board have identified that talent management programmes that are initiated at the top of an organisation are more likely to be successful than when driven from elsewhere in the business. “While the talent mindset must be present throughout an organization, it... Read More...

Leadership development still a priority for HR


HR and training professionals continue to address the problem of how to develop new leaders, according to a new survey conducted by the Ken Blanchard Companies. Developing potential leaders was the top priority for 58 percent of the HR and training professionals who responded to the survey for... Read More...

Leadership development should be a top priority


A new survey from the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) has identified a huge shortage of effective leaders and suggests that leadership development is now a priority for many UK organisations. Eighty-five percent of the 664 training managers surveyed have made leadership... Read More...

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