Street Smart Sustainability
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Street Smart Sustainability




David Mager & Joe Sibilia






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The Entrepreneurs Guide to Profitably Greening Your Organizations DNA

Street Smart Sustainability is designed to be a road map to the sustainable low-hanging fruit at a time when the public is hungry for businesses that demonstrate genuine respect for the environment. Individual chapters are designed to act as standalone sets of action steps on particular topics.

For example, one chapter discusses the physical facilities while another challenges the traditional concept of the supply chain. The book includes a chapter on management techniques and one that provides a system of metrics to measure the organization?s progress toward sustainability. If you read only the chapter on physical facilities, you?ll be equipped to put into effect those recommendations, while preparing for another initiative in another chapter.

Most small and medium-sized businesses spend their time operating without the luxury of management depth and outside advisors. They need to operate their businesses while making progressive changes over a period of time.


Read the chapter on purchasing, and you may implement those recommendations while managing your enterprise in a day-to-day manner. Do everything in all the chapters, and your organization will become much more sustainable. The book also includes tools that will measure progress and savings. 


About the authors

David Mager - One of the organizers of the first Earth Day (organizing U.S. and global high school student participation when he was 16), David went on to work as a bridge between companies and the environmental community. He has worked with large public companies such as General Electric, General Motors, IBM, Anheuser Busch, Nestle, Unilever, Citi, Hallmark, and Amoco, and with socially responsible companies such as Aveda, Stonyfield Farm Yogurt. He recently had the honor and the fun of working as an Advisor to the Obama USDA Transition Team in providing the incoming secretary with briefings on sustainability, climate change, organics, and agriculture?s environmental footprint.


Joe Sibilia - The innovator of the `bag-in-the-box? solution to dispense fruit beverages to food serving operations, Joe ultimately sold his successful company to PepsiCo for manufacture and distribution worldwide. Joe is currently Chief Visionary Officer and part owner of online newswire dedicated to distributing and archiving interactive news and information about sustainability and social responsibility to over one million professionals in more than two hundred countries.


Publication Date: NOV 2010
Pages: 144

Edition: 01
Format: Paperback
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