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Empower and listen to every voice during a change process

No matter the type of change project you want to implement the driving force of that change project, that will define your ability to achieve success, will be your people.

Engaging Change @YourBigPic is the consultant facilitated programme that allows people to very clearly see how different aspects of an organisation impact on each other.

People can make tangible connections and see the knock-on effects for all other departments and teams…

Brainstorming through structure!

An Engaging Change @YourBigPic facilitator will help you to get everyone quickly involved in the problem solving that gives the change process both an organisational and personal perspective

Engaging Change @YourBigPic is a completely different way of approaching change.

  • It’s very refreshing
  • It’s fun and engaging.

No one is missed out. Everyone gets thoroughly involved in using their brains, which is the best way to get results!

Engaging Change @YourBigPic builds understanding of the

  • Challenges of the current situation
  • Opportunities created by the change programme
  • Importance of getting involved

Engaging Change @YourBigPic enables everyone across the organisation to

  • Build a common understanding of the organisation.
  • Construct their own perspective of the change project
  • Acknowledge the shared stake of that everyone has in the change

Engaging Change @YourBigPic helps to prevent people

  • Standing on the side lines not getting involved
  • Pursing alternative agendas

Engaging Change @YourBigPic focuses everyone on the future and where your organisation needs to be

Engaging Change @YourBigPic creates seamless connections between your current situation your plans for the future and roots the behaviour of your people on achieving your change objectives.

Now is the time to value the team around you.

Find out what the WPLC team thought after experiencing Engaging Change @ YourBigPic read more 

Having experienced the Engaging Change @YourBigPic approach to managing an organisational change the WPLC team are confident that it can be applied to any change project in any type or size of organisation.

There are no pre-requisites for using Engaging Change @YourBigPic

Every Engaging Change @YourBigPic support programme is unique to the client.

Contact your WPLC adviser to discuss how

Engaging Change @YourBigPic can be customised to meet the needs of your organisation.

Contact your WPLC adviser to discuss the pricing of

Engaging Change @YourBigPic, and the different purchasing options. 

Your WPLC Adviser will be happy to discuss how Engaging Change @YourBigPic can be used effectively for any change management project, large or small in any type or size of organisation.

We will explore with you how Engaging Change @YourBigPic can assist you achieve the objectives of your change management project, and the most cost effective approach to using Engaging Change @YourBigPic.

Being able to manage change effectively is an essential element of any organisation being successful.

So it is no surprise that there are many different approaches to change management available.

Your WPLC adviser will help you to identify the approach to change management is going to be most effective for your organisation.

29 Dec 2020

Such an awesome workshop - loved the interactivity of the exercises. The workshop has provoked me to think about my team from a new perspective. Honestly a great session, really provoked my thinking so thanks! Dan Young – Co-Founder www.40kola.co.uk

29 Dec 2020

We found the use of different props and tools hugely engaging. This coupled with time to personally work on the 'Big Picture' model will ensure that the learning of the session sticks. Thanks for a great session that took into account differing learning styles. Kay Greef & Sharon Stephenson – Co Founders The Crafthood Ltd www.thecrafthood.co.uk

29 Dec 2020

Exceptional workshop this morning. Looking forward to considering how Big Picture can support me as I develop my business. Love the style of your workshops. I am passionate to bring change to organisations. Corrina – Business Transformation & Growth Operational Excellence Client Success MarTech & MarComms Optimisation

29 Dec 2020

Thanks, it was great! The businesses got so much out of Big Picture. Please come again! Melissa Beckett – Entrepreneur Acceleration Manager

29 Dec 2020

Thanks so much for today Martin, really motivating and lots of food for thought. Mandy Barker – Founder and Creative Director at Sail Creative

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