DSE Safety the facts
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DSE Safety the facts




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DSE Safety Training DVD

DSE Safety the Facts provides a freash approach to working safely with Display Screen Equipment (DSE).


The advice given in DSE Safety the Facts can be applied to your workstation, your job and your working environment.


Many of us use DSE throughout the working day without thinking about what the consequences could be from using it incorrectly. DSE Safety the Facts takes a fresh approach to the subject of DSE safety.


DSE Safety the Facts covers the following:

  • Difference between VDU and DSE 
  • How DSE can affect your health including your Eyes, Health and Safety, Wrists, Neck, Shoulders and Back. 
  • Importance of frequent breaks 
  • How to set up your workstation taking into account: Chair, Screen, Keyboard and Mouse 
  • How to sit correctly to avoid injury 
  • Portable Devices 
  • Electrical Safety.


The advice given in DSE Safety the Facts will apply to your workstation, your job and your work environment.


Many DSE problems occur due to the way DSE is used rather than the DSE itself.


Working with DSE can be problem free if you take notice of the advice in DSE Safety the Facts.


DSE Safety the Facts extras:

1. Interview with an ergonomic expert
2. How to set up your Workstation video clip
3. Desktop Wallpaper to download onto your computer desktop


Using this learning resource could have a positive impact on the insurance premiums that your organisation pays.


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