Learning Plan Interview
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Learning Plan Interview




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Learn how to create a workable learning plan for any employee

This workshop equips managers with the skills and knowledge they need to be able to create a workable and achievable learning plan for any employee.

It doesn’t matter how senior, how experienced or proficient an employee is, if they are going to continue to contribute to the success of an organisation there will always be something new that they need to learn.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Malcolm X American human rights activist 1925 - 1965

During this workshop the theory of learning and different learning styles will be explained Following this workshop learners will understand how to

  • Identify how people learn and a learners’ preferred learning style
  • Create learning activities that match different learning styles
  • Use L.E.A.R.N to ensure the plan is Limited, Exact, Appropriate, Realistic and focused on Now
  • Source different learning experiences are available
  • Tailor learning experiences to suit preferred learning styles
  • Support people through the parts of the learning cycle which are less comfortable for them.

This learning activity is of most value to organisations, regardless of size, location or type that are looking to include employee learning and development as a key part of their growth strategy.

This learning activity can be tailored to meet the needs of any organisation, regardless of the size, type or location.

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03 Mar 2020

I am very pleased that we have been able to add Cement Learning to the Work Place Learning Centre catalogue. They specialist in supporting businesses of all types to create learning that joins learning activites to business plans. Creating a learning plan is an often overlooked aspect of the learning process, yet it can if done correctly be the most important stage. Having a plan enables both the manager and the employee to put the learning in to both and organisational and personal context that explains the need for the learning and how it will be used. The Cement Learning approach is to help employees of all types build an understanding of how their work links to the organsiational objectives. Then they help them to develop the skills that they need to identify how their current skills and knowledge will help them to contribute to the fulfilment of those organisational objectives. They address the different learning styles by using a multi media and multiple activity approacn. Sometimes identifying learning needs can be seen as threatening because it is interpreted as identifying weaknesses. The Cement Learning approach encourages managers and employees to adopt an attitude that gives a willingness and keenness to learn as a key soft skill and places learning as a serious part of every working day. Everything that I have seen of Cement Learning indicates that they never forget that learning should also be fun.

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