Learning Needs Interview
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Learning Needs Interview




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Learn how to identify the learning needs of anyone in any job

This workshop helps managers understand and execute their role in employee development.

The aim is to equip managers with the skills and knowledge that will help them to help their employees identify what they do not know in a way that the employee buys in to the learning need

People often oppose a thing merely because they have had no agency in planning it, or because it may have been planned by those whom they dislike.

Alexander Hamilton American Politician 1755 - 1804

The biggest mistake managers make when identifying learning needs is asking an employee which training courses they would like to attend.

Avoiding this mistake requires the manager and the employee to understand the difference between a learning need and a training need.

During this workshop managers will discover how to help different types of employees to identify

  • Their learning needs by exploring the widest context of their objectives and performance standards.
  • The skills, attitudes and knowledge that they will need to achieve them.
  • When the new learning will be most likely to be needed Managers will also learn how to deal with situations when learning needs aren’t obvious, and how managers can guide a learning needs discussion towards a focus on the learner’s aspirations and how to look beyond today’s requirements
  • how to explore options which offer both personal development for the individual and a good return for the organisation.

This learning activity is of most value to organisations, regardless of size, location or type that are looking to include employee learning and development as a key part of their growth strategy.

This learning activity can be tailored to meet the needs of any organisation, regardless of the size, type or location.

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13 Mar 2020

Learning is all about changing, but many companies and line managers seem to want their employees to embark on a learning journey without really having a plan as to what or why they are doing so. Call me a cynic! In many organisations the bit that is often missed out of the learning journey is what should be the first step the learning about what has to be learnt and why it is important for this to be learnt. Cement Learning have created a way of explaining the importance of creating a comprehensive learning needs analysis that is going to get everyone brought into the process and the fulfilment of the learning needs that it identifies. Identifying a learning need can often be seen as a process of what is wrong with an employee. But there is a whole different process for that. This learning needs analysis interview as explained by Cement Learning is all about building the employee to be an important contributor to the success of the team and organisation in which they work

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