Fair Recruitment
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Fair Recruitment






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Learn how to make fair recruitment decisions

This short video briefing explains why it makes sense to ensure that your recruitment decisions are fair.

Not only does it make commercial sense, recruiting fairly will ensure that recruitment decisions comply with the provisions of the Equality Act.

Briefing description

Fair, unbiased and non-discriminatory recruitment doesn’t just enable organisations to comply with the law. It also ensures that they recruit the best people for the job and reap the benefits of a diverse workforce – and that staff are motivated and productive.

This short briefing looks at how our unconscious bias can affect our decisions, the benefits of fair and unbiased recruitment and the key legal considerations for employers when advertising for and recruiting new staff.

Learning outcomes

This briefing will give a better understanding of:

  • what the Equality Act says about discrimination on the grounds of ‘protected characteristics’ such as age, disability, race and gender
  • how unconscious bias can affect our recruiting decisions
  • the importance of being aware of the potential for discrimination when drawing up role descriptions and person specifications
  • how we can use positive action programmes to address under-representation of certain groups.

Course experts

The experts involved in the creation of this learning resource include

  • Professor Binna Kandola OBE, Senior Partner and co-founder, Pearn Kandola
  • Dr Nic Sale (Hammarling), Head of Diversity, Pearn Kandola


This is an ideal introduction to making fairer recruitment decisions for anyone new to interviewing candidates for employment.

Likewise this Fair Recruitment works well as a reminder of modern standards in recruitment interviewing for more experienced interviewers.

The key pre-requisite for people who are considering this learning activity is that they are involved in recruitment interviewing.

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