No B.S Sales Success in the New Economy
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No B.S Sales Success in the New Economy




Dan Kennedy






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The old economy is shattered and GONE FOREVER. It is never coming back as it was?and many sales professionals will become extinct waiting for it to return. However, if you plan to stick around (and succeed), then you must know this about the emerging, new economy: the power has returned to the consumer. Tolerance for anything ordinary is zero. Gone are the days of surplus customers on buying sprees, happily buying and freely spending.

In The New Economy, only a select few will gain and keep membership in the elite sales fraternity enjoying the top incomes, the greatest security, the most independence and power, and the highest status. And, who better to show you how to get in than 'Millionaire Maker' Dan Kennedy


Kennedy covers:

  • Adapting to The New Economy Consumer
  • How to STOP PROSPECTING Once And For All?and why you must
  • Put the awesome power of TAKEAWAY SELLING to work?in any environment
  • If you?re in a commodity business, get out!
  • how to Re-Position, escape commoditization, and safeguard price and profits in the
  • heightened competition of The New Economy
  • The One Thing to do, to leverage The New Economy?s ?Chaos of Choices? to your benefit
  • How Dumb Salespeople Work 10X Harder Than Necessary, by under-utilizing this one tool
  • The 6-Step No BS Sales Process: finally, a reliable system you can stick with!
  • 6 Ways Sales Professionals Sabotage Themselves
  • BS that Sales Managers shovel onto salespeople?beware!
  • How to switch from One-to-One to One-to-Many with Technical Tools
  • 8 Steps to getting past any 'No'
  • How to CREATE TRUST (FAST) in the trust-damaged, post-recession world
  • Resiliency is a skill, not a character trait: the self-improvement required for sales improvement


About the Author

Dan Kennedy is a multi-millionaire, serial entrepreneur now directly influencing more than one million business owners annually as an advisor and business coach. Widely celebrated as 'the millionaire-maker' with a long track record of taking entrepreneurs to seven-figure inc'mes and to multi-millionaire wealth, his deliberately provocative, blunt, 'No B.S.' approach has earned him the title as the 'Professor of Harsh Reality.'

Dan Kennedy (Phoenix, AZ) is internationally recognized as a 'millionaire-maker,' helping people in just about every category of business turn their ideas into fortunes. He is a leading consultant to other consultants and small business owners who hold influence over more than one million business owners.



  • Forward
  • Introduction


PART 1 Fifteen no b.s. strategies for exceptional success in sales, persuasion, and negotiations

  • chapter 1 strategy 1: immunity to the word ’no’
  • chapter 2 strategy 2: the positive power of negative preparation
  • chapter 3 strategy 3: use listening to influence people
  • chapter 4 strategy 4: avoid contamination
  • chapter 5 strategy 5: the process of personal packaging
  • chapter 6 strategy 6: remembering why you’re there
  • chapter 7 strategy 7: do expectations govern results?
  • chapter 8 strategy 8: proof: the most important tool for exceptional success in selling
  • chapter 9 strategy 9: fred herman’s  k.i.s.s. principle
  • chapter 10 strategy 10: sell money at a discount
  • chapter 11 strategy 11: always compare apples to oranges
  • chapter 12 strategy 12: in search of the free lunch
  • chapter 13 strategy 13: the magic of mystique
  • chapter 14 strategy 14: i’d rather be dumb and persistent than smart and impatient
  • chapter 15 strategy 15: long distance is nowhere near as good as being there


PART 2 How to stop prospecting once and for all

  • chapter 16 positioning, not prospecting
  • chapter 17 how to use ?lead generation advertising? to attract highly qualified prospects


PART 3 a no b.s. start-to-finish structure for the sale

  • chapter 18 the six steps of the no b.s. sales process


PART 4 dumb and dumber things that sabotage sales success

  • chapter 19 b.s. that sales managers shovel onto salespeople
  • chapter 20 6 dumbest things salespeople do to sabotage themselves


PART 5 my biggest secret to exceptional results in selling: takeaway selling

  • chapter 21 the awesome power of takeaway selling
  • chapter 22 a final word from the author


bonus book: how to read anyone’s mind
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