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New Venture Creation




Jeffry Timmons & Stephen Spinelli






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Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century

New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century is about the actual process of getting a new venture started, growing the venture, successfully harvesting it, and starting again.


It continues to be the product of experience and considerable research in the field?rooted in real-world application and refined in the classroom. The design and flow of the book are aimed at creating knowledge, skills, and awareness.


In a pragmatic way through text, case studies and hands-on exercises students are drawn in to discover critical aspects of entrepreneurship, and what levels of competencies, know-how, experience, attitudes, resources and networks are required to pursue different entrepreneurial opportunities. The Eighth edition includes new cases and exercises, updated Web sites, and new text material to capture the current financial, economic, technological, and globally competitive environment of this first decade of the new century.


Updated their real-world application of the Timmons model of the entrepreneurial process with a look at Google?s amazing trajectory.


Includes two new chapters


  • Clean Commerce: Seeing Opportunity through a Sustainability Lens and
  • Opportunities for Social Entrepreneurship.


These speak directly to students concerned about our environment and wide-ranging social issues, and how these present enormous opportunities for this generation to solve these problems.


The book has been reordered and restructured; it now begins with a focus on the worldwide impact of entrepreneurship. Six new cases have been added, as well as a series of three vignettes to spark discussion and learning in the difficult realm of business ethics.


Includes the latest updates, such as examples of entrepreneurs in action coping with the post-Internet bubble era and the mortgage loan crisis in 2007. It also features refined exercises and five new ones: Venturekipedia, a tool for enhancing research; Virtual Brain Trust, a complementary exercise to the Virtual Brain Trust exercise; and in the final chapter, a new interview exercise titled Wisdom from the Harvest?a visit with successful, harvested entrepreneurs.


As always, the authors have included the latest data and updates on the significant changes in the whole new world of capital markets, the economy, and the banking environment that are relevant to entrepreneurs.




Part I - The Entrepreneurial Mind for an Entrepreneurial World

Chapter 1 The Global Entrepreneurial Revolution for a Flatter World

Chapter 2 The Entrepreneurial Mind: Crafting a Personal Entrepreneurial Strategy


Part II - The Opportunity

Chapter 3 The Entrepreneurial Process

Chapter 4 Clean Commerce: Seeing Opportunity through a Sustainability Lens

Chapter 5 The Opportunity: Creating, Shaping, Recognizing, Seizing

Chapter 6 Screening Venture Opportunities

Chapter 7 Opportunities for Social Entrepreneurship

Chapter 8 The Business Plan


Part III - The Founder and Team

Chapter 9 The Entrepreneurial Leader and the Team

Chapter 10 Ethical Decision Making and the Entrepreneur


Part IV - Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures

Chapter 11 Resource Requirements

Chapter 12 Franchising

Chapter 13 Entrepreneurial Finance

Chapter 14 Obtaining Venture and Growth Capital

Chapter 15 The Deal: Valuation, Structure, and Negotiation

Chapter 16 Obtaining Debt Capital


Part V - Startup and Beyond

Chapter 17 Leading Rapid Growth, Crises, and Recovery

Chapter 18 The Family as Entrepreneur

Chapter 19 The Harvest and Beyond



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