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Boost revenues from the knowledge within your business

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In many companies, knowledge management has focused almost exclusively upon the packaging of existing knowledge. Knowledge Entrepenear is designed to help readers boost revenues and profit by significantly improving the performance of existing activities and also creating new offerings that generate income.


In most companies knowledge management has focused almost exclusively upon the packaging of existing knowledge. Its exploitation has taken a back seat, while relatively little effort has been devoted to creating the additional know-how needed to innovate, discover and create additional customer and shareholder value.


The Knowledge Entrepreneur is a unique title that has been designed to help readers boost revenues and profit by significantly improving the performance of existing activities and creating new offerings that generate additional income. It shows how practical knowledge-based job-support tools can transform work group productivity, and reveals the enormous scope for addressing contemporary problems such as 'information overload' with imaginative responses.


Packed with information, this title is the first of its kind and puts a whole new `spin' on knowledge management. It offers truly practical information to help the reader create, manage and profit from knowledge.


Additional practical information includes:

  •  lists of possible commercial ventures;
  • detailed checklists that can be used for identifying and analysing opportunities for knowledge entrepreneurship;
  • exercises for assessing entrepreneurial potential and `scoping' possible products and services.


The Knowledge Entrepreneur also includes a unique CD ROM that gives examples of knowledge-based job support tools that have dramatically improved results in crucial areas such as winning more business.


About the Author


Colin Coulson-Thomas was educated at the London School of Economics and at the universities of Aston, Chicago and Southern California.


He is Professor of Competitiveness at Luton Business School, Luton University and the National Centre for Competitiveness. He is also Visiting Professor at the Management Development Institute in Delhi. He holds a portfolio of directorships and is Chairman of Adaptation Ltd, ASK Europe plc, Cotoco Ltd and Policy Publications.


A counsellor on business development and corporate direction, transformation and learning, he has helped over 50 boards to improve board and corporate performance. Colin is also Chairman of the judges for the e-Business Innovations Awards. He is the author or co-author of over 30 books and reports.




chapter 1 entrepreneurship in the knowledge economy

chapter 2 managing knowledge and intellectual capital

chapter 3 corporate learning and knowledge creation

chapter 4 contemporary information problems

chapter 5 requirements of different stakeholders

chapter 6 creating enterprise cultures

chapter 7 monitoring trends and the scope for knowledge entrepreneurship

chapter 8 identifying and assessing specific opportunities

chapter 9 creating information- and knowledge-based offerings

chapter 10 becoming a knowledge entrepreneur

chapter 11 getting started


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ratingGood introduction 17 October 2010

“Outlines practical knowledge-based job-support tools that can help work groups improve their performance. Also includes a supporting CD-ROM. A good introduction to the technical aspects of the subject.” Long Range Planning Journal

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