An UnAmerican Business
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An UnAmerican Business




Dr Donald Kalff








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Understanding the American approach to business

An UnAmerican Business offers a European enterprise model - founded on quite different values of culture, ethics and economic considerations to the American way of business - and includes vital facts and figures and case studies.


An UnAmerican Business challenges the widely held belief that the American Enterprise Model is the only form of capitalism to guarantee business success. The corporate scandals that continue to beset the US business scene have shaken many people’s belief in the American model and Donald Kalff now presents a compelling alternative – a European Enterprise Model. In this book, he outlines a European way of doing business that is fundamentally different yet highly competitive.


Kalff shows us how inflexible, inefficient and ineffective the American approach to business can be. He believes that the root cause is the web of expectations spun around listed companies, both in the United States and in Europe, by consultants, investment banks, financial analysts and the media; companies choose to optimize profit per share in the mistaken belief that stock market recognition will follow and return on shareholder investment will improve


An UnAmerican Business identifies eight areas where European companies could add significant economic value through the introduction of more advanced business models. All those who believe that change is inevitable will find Donald Kalff’s optimistic assessment of the future prospects for European companies persuasive and compelling.


About the Author


Dr Donald Kalff has lived and worked in the United States, the United Kingdom and continental Europe during the last 30 years. He gained a PhD from Wharton Business School, held management positions at the Royal Dutch/Shell Group and served on the Executive Board of KLM, Royal Dutch Airlines. Today he is co-founder and CEO of Immpact, a biotech company, advisor to biotech investment company BTF and strategy consultants Roland Berger.




1 The revolution of the 1990s

2 The 1990s were not what they seemed

3 The end of the road

4 Unintended consequences and unaccounted costs

5 A European Enterprise Model

6 The competitiveness of Europe

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17 Oct 2010

An attack on US management style, combined with a rallying cry for what he calls 'a new European enterprise model. The Observer

17 Oct 2010

Expresses a stimulating contrarian economic view. Lloyd’s List

17 Oct 2010

Donald Kalff challenges the notion that the American enterprise culture is the only form of capitalism that leads ineluctably to business success. European Business

17 Oct 2010

Controversial, challenging, and compelling, An UnAmerican Business presents a credible alternative to the globally accepted American way of doing business. Advance Magazine

17 Oct 2010

Challenges the fixation with the US approach to business. Independent on Sunday

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