On the job training is better

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On the job training is better

The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) have found that workers can improve their job performance more effectively by utilising on-the-job training resources than by participating in traditional classroom training courses or acquiring qualifications

The research which was conducted by NIACE and the University of Leicester examined how workplace based activities all resulted in better performance levels

  • Learning by doing actually on the job
  • Being shown what to do by colleagues in the workplace
  • Looking back over what they have done and examining it to find ways in which they cold do better
  • Actively watching others so they job and askinng questions

The results according to NAICE show increased demand in the workplace for relevant learning is the correct path.

NAICE have also raised the issue that teh majority of training is targeted at younger workers rather older employees who may be changing careers.

Over the next ten years young people will fill only a third of all new or replacement jobs.

The short fall will have to be covered by women returning to the workforce, immigrants and older workers, working what has come to be seen as retirement years.

Training strategies need to change to accomodate the needs of a changing workforce.

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