CIPD Qualifications added to Work Place Learning Centre

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CIPD Qualifications added to Work Place Learning Centre

Work Place Learning Centre has selected DPG as a partner for the delivery of a comprehensive range of CIPD qualifications for human resource management and learning and development professionals.


DPG is an accredited CIPD delivery centre.


WPLC founder and managing director Michael Millward, chartered FCIPD, explained that he had investigated several potential delivery partners for CIPD qualifications and decided that DPG was the centre to work with, because “if I was starting my career again DPG would be the centre that I would want to study for my CIPD qualifications with”


Michael Millward said, “It is a long time since I completed my two professional qualifications of what were then called the Institute of Personnel Management (IPM) and the Institute of Training and Development (ITD). Two institutes that merged to form the CIPD.


“Getting professionally qualified and then getting actively involved with the CIPD as a branch committee member, branch chair and National Council member has been one of the most important things that I have ever done in my career, he said. Not only have I been able to maintain my professional development I have also been able to build connections with other HR and learning and development professionals across the UK and around the world. I am very pleased that WPLC, by partnering with DPG, is now able to offer access to the benefits of the same opportunities.”


Mr. Millward is now a member of the CIPD branch chairs Alumni Group.


DPG are the only accredited CIPD Delivery Centre to be able to offer the full range of CIPD qualifications in multiple formats. As a result DPG offer a professional development solution for every stage of an individual’s career, or indeed a whole department.


Robert Wagner, commercial director of DPG welcomed the new partnership with Work Place Learning Centre and the wider Abeceder group, describing it as validation of the unique approach that DPG has to supporting learners to both the successful completion of their initial qualification, and throughout their career.


As part of the partnership agreement all DPG learners will be able to benefit from the services of the wider Abeceder group.

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